Love is in the Air!

Valentines Day is just a week away, and if you need some ideas to fun and easy valentines craft projects I have a couple of suggestions from some amazing craft blogs:

I found this fantastic Cupid at Thompson Family-Life designed by guest blogger Heidi Kenney from My Paper Crane (another wonderful craft blog!)

This paper craft is both cute and funny at the same time and definitely a little different from all the hearts (I LOVE hearts, but for Valentine it tends to get a little overhearted)

This is one of the comments to the paper craft cupid:
“Please don’t be weirded out when I say this, but Heidi makes the best nipples. Every time I see her make something with nipples I die a small happy death.” – LOL

Hop over to Thompson Family-Life and have a look at Heidi’s nibbles grab the tutorial.

Linda from Natural Suburbia makes the most wonderful knitted crafts! She’s a wizard with needles! She created this little Valentine Knitted Cupid Bow and Arrow which is such a fine project. You still have time to make a couple of these before Valentines Day.

Linda has a lot of other small Valentine projects on her site with great tutorials. Pay her a visit at Natural Suburbia and be inspired.

And now to the hearts.  At mmmcrafts I found these beautiful love you bookmarks that will make a great little Valentine gift. If you don’t have fabric scrap, you can use a colored piece of paper, gift wrap or a piece of a cool page from a magazine.

These are some of mine favorite Valentine crafts for this year. They don’t require to much materials nor are they to complicated to finish in a week. If you need inspiration to a little Valentine project, I really encourage you to visit these wonderful blogs where you’ll find the tutorials to the crafts mentioned here as well as ideas to other fun and beautiful Valentine crafts.

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