Earth Day | Eco-Friendly Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids

Earth DayApril 22 is Earth Day – a good occasion to think green and do eco-friendly activities together, talk to your children about mother earth and teach them ways to be more conscious about the environment.

Start You Garden
If you (like me) haven’t started yet, now is the time to start thinking about that garden (I would really like to have a couple of raised garden beds this year – we only have a teeny-weeny outdoor space, but enough to place a couple of boxes and grow some vegetables). Whether it be a bigger vegetable garden, a raised bed or a few pots on the porch, you will be able to at least grow some fresh herbs to spice up the summer meals.

Let you child help decide what you should plant and then look for either some organic plants or seeds. I find seeds to be a little harder to grow, but super fun for a young child to plant. You don’t have to, but it can definitely be a good idea to prepare the sprouts indoors if the weather still tend to be a little cold. You can buy full kits for planting seeds, but it’s really not necessary! All you need is a container: a plastic box, a bowl, egg carton etc. – whatever you have in the house (think about recycling food containers from the super market like the plastic boxes that are sometimes used for salads, tomatoes etc.) Get some good organic soil, maybe you have your own compost? And you’re ready to plant :)

Scavenger Hunt
Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year, so we have a great opportunity to spend the weekend doing  some fun eco-friendly activities with the kids. A scavenger hunt is a great outdoor activity:

Make some small drawings or paintings and cut them out as little cards, or keep them on one piece of paper. Use cardboard or something equally solid and you can save them for future scavenger hunts. Make two of each and you have a memo game. You can also cut out images from magazines and glue them on card board, or if you are in advance, you can take photos of the items to find. If the items are very small you could glue the image inside an egg carton and let the kids fill it up with the items corresponding to each picture as they find them.

NatureBagAnother more simple way to do the scavenger hunt is to simply make it up on your way. Say out loud what the next item to find is. If you are a group, take turns in coming up with items to find.

The organic Naturebag is great to take with you outdoors and it includes everything you need to prepare your scavenger hunt and to take notes on the way of things you find.

Craft Ideas for Kids
Another fun activity which involves nature is to go out and collect some stones in different shapes and sizes and then paint them when you get home. They can be made into bugs and other animals or simply decorated with flowers or an abstract painting – can be a cute little gift to the grand parents, father’s and mother’s day etc. Let the kids paint bigger stones and place them as art in the garden …

birdseed ornamentI came across this beautiful idea from a birdseed heart! On their page meant as a cute wedding favor, but such a great craft for kids – birdseed ornaments! Use any shape of cookie cutter to make some nice snacks for the birds while having fun. I have a whole box full of Christmas shaped cookie cutters (Christmas tree, bell, candy stick, angel etc.) they would make really cute birdseed ornaments throughout the winter – and who wouldn’t like a little bird feeding angel outside the kitchen window?

Find the instructions to make a birdseed ornament here.

Egg cartons can be recycled and used for so many things (like in the scavenger hunt as mentioned above). These flowers seen on are another fun little craft idea for kids that would be great as an Earth Day craft made out of stuff that you probably already have in your craft supplies.

This was just a few ideas that I hope you can use. Please share your recycled and eco-friendly craft ideas in the comments

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  1. kids Activities says:

    This is great idea to developed kids mentality activities or teach different about environment. This is the best activities for kids and its very interesting or kids are spend lots of time in these type of activities. There are lots of children outside with activities that used in the environment drop respect for the planet and create family time and memories. And there is lots of Craft idea piggy bank for fun and creative craft idea, use empty baby food boxes as piggy bank or give an Ideas on how to build a bugbear from recycled accessories. To teach your kids and toilet paper rolls can be used as a great material for kid crafts, here are some cool recycling projects you can use.

    Kids Activities

  2. We’re super-excited to get our veggie garden going again this year, but we’ll probably start in a couple more weeks to avoid any chance of frost. Our daughter is 17 months now and LOVES getting dirty outside so we’ll definitely get her involved! :)

    Great tips for outdoor activities too. I love the idea of the nature bag!

    – Visiting from Sass.

  3. that birdseed craft looks so fun – I think I have found a rainy day idea for the boys and I!


  4. These are great ideas, thanks for sharing. I love Earth Day. I love the ideas you shared. SASS

  5. Bonnie Way says:

    Great ideas! We don’t have any space for a garden around our rented townhouse, but last weekend we visited my cousins and helped them with their gardening. My daughters loved watering the flowers and planting seeds, and my cousins loved the help. :) Maybe we’ll do that again! ~SASS

  6. Alex says:

    Great ideas! My times working in the garden are still some of my fondest memories as a child.

    We’re hoping to start the first official garden at our new house this spring!

    Visiting from SASS

  7. Heather says:

    Love the birdseed ornaments! I’m going to try that with other goodies for my lovebirds and budgies. And the egg cartons made me think of something I do for my birds (not the styrofoam ones). We use them and attach fun things, like Chinese finger traps, toilet paper tubes cut and coiled, etc to Mae toys to attach to the sides of the birds’ cages. -sass

    • evaemilie says:

      Egg carton are actually quite useful – so many great ideas! Thanks for stopping by ;)

  8. We are starting our veggies on the weekend! Can’t wait!

    Visiting from SASS

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